“Shrey’s ‘Razza’: A Melodic Journey through Nostalgia and Urdu Poetry”

Shrey, a Mumbai-based indie-soul artist, weaves a tapestry of emotions with his heartfelt composition “Razza.” Born from the musings of winter in 2021, this single encapsulates the essence of Urdu poetry, painting a vivid landscape of emotions through each lyric and instrument.

“Razza” isn’t just a song; it’s a nostalgic journey through corridors of memory, evoking warmth and introspection. Shrey’s intricate composition skillfully combines acoustic guitars, delicate piano melodies, and soulful strings to create a symphony of nostalgia. The violin, with its elegant timbre, adds depth, making the listener feel every note.

The inspiration behind “Razza” stemmed from Shrey’s deep love for Urdu. Exploring the language’s depth, he felt compelled to intertwine his singing and writing, capturing life’s special moments in musical form. The lyrics are a reflection of these moments—joy, heartbreak, and laughter—crafted into a melody that resonates universally. Shrey believes this song is a note in the soundtrack of our lives, a musical diary passed around, inviting listeners to find their own experiences within its tune.

Shrey’s musical journey began at the age of 10 when he embraced the guitar, paving the way for his seamless integration into the art of songwriting during his teenage years. Influenced by Sufjan Stevens, Novo Amor, The Hope Arsenal, and Iron & Wine, his compositions mirror a blend of indie ambiance with a relentless thirst for exploration.

His artistic realm thrives within chaos, shaping moments into melodies that transcend time and space. With clever lyrical insights and infectious hooks, Shrey’s melodies ensnare listeners in nostalgia-laden tales, transporting them to different emotional landscapes.

“Razza” stands as a testament to music’s enduring power—to transport, evoke, and resonate. It’s a song that etches itself into the listener’s soul, reminding us that amidst life’s fleeting moments, music remains a timeless companion, echoing the sentiments of our own journeys.

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