Siddhant Goenka Takes Us on a Nostalgic Pop-Rock Journey with “Farishtey”

Siddhant Goenka, the indie sensation from Kolkata, is back with a musical gem that will take you on a nostalgic ride through the golden era of 90s indie music in India. Titled “Farishtey,” this Pop-Rock track, with beautifully woven melodies together with classic elements like enchanting acoustic guitar riffs, soulful flute melodies, and the powerful combination of electric guitar and drums.

The lyrics of “Farishtey” look into the emotional landscape, using rain as a metaphor for pain and sorrow. The line, “Baarishon mei bheege hum,” adds a layer of depth, inviting listeners on an intense emotional journey. The song’s mix of highs and lows, coupled with its modern twist, creates a captivating musical experience that resonates with the distinctive vibes of 90s indie music.

In a conversation about the song’s creation, Siddhant Goenka shared his journey of experimentation. Originally envisioned as “Barish,” the song took a divine turn, starting with the bridge instead of the conventional verse-chorus-bridge structure. This shift not only changed the song’s name to “Farishtey” but also reflected Siddhant’s creative exploration and willingness to break away from the norm.

The song’s theme revolves around the intensity of emotional pain and shattered promises, expressed through the metaphor of rain. The lyrics, particularly the line ‘Farishtey hai mujhse kahe aa chal tu ghar lot chal,’ hints at seeking help during tough times and the promise of a brighter tomorrow.

Siddhant’s unique approach to songwriting involves a deep connection with a higher power. The tunes and lyrics flow together in a meditative state, showcasing his gratitude for the creative kick provided by the Almighty.

In terms of visuals, Siddhant shared his creative process for the video, combining AI tools and a love for medieval grandeur. The video unfolds a cinematic story of a wounded king in a battle, driven by a promise to return victorious to his queen and subjects.

As Siddhant continues his musical journey, he promises more tunes in the coming year. With a commitment to keeping an open mind and exploring different sounds, Siddhant Goenka aims to deliver fresh, out-of-the-box experiences for his audience.

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