Siddharth Bendi’s latest “2006” is a conversation piece with himself, a nostalgic take on an ever growing thought.

Starting an obsession with music when he was a small child, Siddharth slowly molded into a talented musician. Becoming melodic & nonchalant; his voice felt bright and fresh. Taking challenges as he went along with his music, he relayed all of that into his songs giving it meaning and a purpose. Going through certain transitions and experiences solidified his place and musical ability in this new generation of ever growing artists. 

His latest single “2006” reflects on his stories from childhood and how he missed being a child again. It’s a statement with no answers and Siddharth has tried to express that emotion through his songwriting. Occasionally getting lost in a sea of thoughts with slight nostalgia the song begins with a dark organ over which there’s a conversation piece of him as a child playing over. The acoustic guitar comes in as Siddharth darts his singing, his voice mellow and heavy as he grapples with his emotions.   As the song glides it eventually opens up with drums and powerful 808s, cascading into a section of vocal harmonies, glistening synths and tablas, a slight change in direction. Much of his writings draw inspiration from his experiences he had as a kid and his present state of mind. As he contemplates being an adult before digging deeper into his childhood. There’s a lot of unpacking of thoughts which makes the song even more personal. A reflective stance that shines through the song. 

There’s an emotional drive that takes the song further into a room of nostalgia. While talking about the song Siddharth said, “2006 was written about missing my childhood self and talks about how I’m giving up on my current state. The idea came about when I bumped into an old video from my 7th birthday in 2006 and felt so many different emotions from watching it and reflecting on my life right now. It was also peak pandemic when I wrote this song so I’m sure that had an influence on how I felt as well. It was a generally slower time in the world”. It has a completely deep meaning to life and how you deal with the changes that occur around. The shimmering pianos and guitars add the spring to the song.

Sidharth Bendi a.k.a BENDI is a household name in the Indian indie creative community. Known for his soulful performances across India, Bendi is a multi-faceted singer/songwriter, music producer & acoustic pop performer who is also 2022 alumni of Berklee College of Music (Summer Programme). Since his beginnings right out of school, Bendi has performed over 1000 shows and was the youngest singer/songwriter in Hyderabad to put out a self-written EP, ‘One In A Million, in 2017. He has done two India tours and hundreds of shows outside his home turf, which include festival stages like Zomaland, Under 25, TEDx, and more. Bendi’s notable releases, ‘Newness’, ‘June’, and ‘One’, along with other songs have amassed over 150k streams across platforms and he has at least 15 more projects in the works.

Production-wise “2006” elevates Siddharth as a producer, a fantastic mood creator. He tries to bring his thoughts of his childhood and present state eye to eye. He sparks the idea of how good he can get as an artist. His musical palette gets greener with his lighting music.

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