“Sipping Coffee with Zachary Ray & Sunep Jamir: Unveiling the Vibes Behind ‘Sunglasses'”

Findie Publication recently had the pleasure of sitting down with the talented Zachary Ray over a cup of coffee to dive into the essence of his latest track, “Sunglasses,” featuring Sunep A Jamir. With the release date set for February 2nd, we got an exclusive sneak peek into the creative process and inspiration behind this pop-infused masterpiece.

Zachary Ray, a seasoned artist with a background in vocal performance and music business from Berklee College of Music, shared his journey from Boston to India, where he has been living and working for over a decade. Discussing his passion for music and teaching, Zachary expressed how his love for songwriting brought him back to the recording studio.

“Sunglasses” is a celebration of style, confidence, and the transformative power of a pair of shades. Zachary, alongside Sunep A Jamir, takes us on a journey where each beat resonates with the joy of donning sunglasses, turning an ordinary day into a sensational one. The upbeat and light-hearted nature of the track captures the essence of optimism, making it a perfect addition to your feel-good playlist.

During our coffee chat, Zachary elaborated on his collaboration with Sunep A Jamir, sharing insights into their creative synergy. The duo, blending their unique styles and experiences, crafted a track that not only reflects their musical prowess but also explores the universal joy that stylish sunglasses bring.

The song, produced by Zachary Ray and Hersh Desai, with lyrics co-written by Sunep A Jamir and Zachary, promises to be a chart-topping hit. As we sipped our coffee, Zachary revealed how the catchy beats and infectious rhythm of “Sunglasses” aim to resonate with listeners and evoke a sense of celebration.

With a studio as prestigious as Island City Studios involved in the project, it’s clear that “Sunglasses” is a result of true dedication and artistic collaboration. As we eagerly await the release on February 2nd, there’s no doubt that Zachary Ray and Sunep A Jamir have something truly special in store for music enthusiasts worldwide.

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