Sounding mighty with a perspective prompting the experiences of a young rapper Wonup’s latest “Roll It Down” is a sublime creation.

A heavy dose of shoegaze trap soundtracks, calling back the 90s, sounding mighty with a perspective prompting the experiences of a young rapper Wonup calls to mind a rapper who knows how it’s done. The tones are bigger and smoother, punching lyricism elevating the song higher. Music that possesses an ambitious sketch – work of massive goals, Wonup certainly is building a following and an empire for rap music lovers.

He inevitably feeds into the needs of his listeners, “Roll It Down” being his latest release. The music is a confident step forward in the right direction, a pivotal part for him as a musician. Lean sounds maturing from an underground sensation to a label signed artist. 808s sounding heavy, velvety and lush. The production is more upbeat, exuberant & melodic. The drum machine sounds colossal having a trap beat to it. Wonup’s textured, aesthetic vocals come in as he sings, “I’m on the silent phase, but Imma beat your h..” The arrangements mimicked modern day good rap artists, effortlessly gliding in like Trippie Redd-esque. His voice oozes in with conviction and confidence. Arpeggiated synth that lays underneath the arrangement throughout the song. The song is an inventive and creative universe.

There’s traces of massive potential that Wonup has within himself. He’s molded into the artist that he wants to be. He said, “Roll it down is a new school club banger with phaser beats. He adds, “I aim to bring modern rap sound into India”. He’s embodied the essence of what it really means to be a rapper, unvarnished and bare. 

“Roll It Down” has a gorgeous production with a strong backdrop of a maturing artist. It’s appealing and promising for young rap artists to look at, somewhat of a vantage point. Wonup is sublime and efficient in the way he works.

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