Sparsh Dangwal is paving the way for something spectacular with his latest single “She/Her”.

A pop dazed artist enveloped by electro pop sounds, Sparsh Dangwal is paving the way for something spectacular. Lighter sounds, blazing production, allusive lyrics that home in on his personal experiences, Sparsh is surely striking all the right nerves. Marching on with confidence from his previous release “24” his music is excelling and accelerating. He’s  cleared out a way creating a launchpad for a new era. 

“She/Her” is the latest single from his highly anticipated EP “Digitalover”. With crystal clear production rendering all of his adventures and experiences into a 3 minute musical voyage. Acoustic guitars start up the song with a pop chord progression & Sparsh singing “She don’t love me, she just only likes…” there on diving into a pop ocean. Effervescent synths guiding the song, joyously open drum dialling back nostalgic emotions. The chorus being ethereal with vocal harmonies, electric guitar waves and sturdy drums dissipating underneath. The words surf throughout the music smoothly. Mesmerizing spaces that are filled with Sparsh’s glossy vocals. The song flows forward weightlessly with the music swirling and Sparsh’s tender voice as a backdrop.

The EP “Digitalover”, a collection of five English pop songs that explore the complexity of online relationships and reflect the singer-songwriter’s own experiences. He’s used his experiences as flashing lights guiding him to creativity. Online relationships being the main theme that works in concert with his music. He said, “The track paints a stark yet relatable picture of being in a one-sided relationship, where one realizes that their partner is in it only because of their fame or lifestyle”. 

The EP provides an in-depth insight into Sparsh’s perspective with its lively lyrics, catchy beats, and vibrant instrumentation. Sparsh’s consistency of churning out great songs reflects on how good of an artist he is at this young age. “She/Her” evaporates all of the doubts into thin air cementing his maturity as an artist. It’s a song that doesn’t feel forced, rather it feels something that is facile. It proves how Sparsh is improving and learning & how fun modern pop music can be.

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