Sparsh has got the right jab with his latest single “24

A new era of indie-pop artists is blooming, like flowers in an evergreen garden. Sparsh Dangwal is one such flower that’s blossoming and maturing with his music. With a collection of tricks in his bag, he’s surely got his stratagem set perfectly. Without the pressure of mainstream fame, as a new artist Sparsh is utilizing every bit of freedom he has got in his music. A triumphant, reinvigorating sound that sticks with him, a very familiar theme of his music, an easygoing experience. 

“24” is his latest single that rings out loud and bright. There’s a certain focus and passion that shines throughout the single. He has this ability of pulling your attention and making you listen to his music with interest. Starting the song with a pop chord progression over an acoustic guitar, an instant eye-catcher. He jumps in with his vocals “24, I’m making it on my own yeah…”

Thrown in an effortless hip-hop drum beat, 808’s, a groovy bass line and you’ve got a recipe for a sugar-coated hit song. “24” carries the anything-goes effortless tune that sticks on you. The lyrics show the bigger picture that nails down the song as a complete product. A near simulated flow of emotions that follow-up somehow makes the song better.

“24” runs the gamut from a modern good boy pop song to a hip-pop, trap beat, that’s instantly an earworm. The lyrics emphasis on how Sparsh portrays himself as a musician. He says, “The song portrays me, finally being a full time independent musician and how I am going to get my shit right”. He’s living his music, his hardwork and the fruits are there for us to see. There’s even a small trapdoor of nostalgia, hiding in the songs that give you the 2013s, 2014s vibes. The song’s been added to the Fresh Finds India playlist on Spotify. 

“24” has been mixed by Vic Cuccia and mastered by Fili Filizzola in LA, USA. There’s a stubbornness to the song that pulls you to listen to it again and again. It feels earned and honest. The music video for “24” is set to be shot in Chandigarh, India and Male, Maldives.

Talking about the inspiration for the song Dangwal says, “I’ve been grinding hard for the past few years, extending my abilities and perfecting my sound. And now that I was turning 24, I could feel my time had finally come. This song is a work anthem, a fanfare announcing my arrival on the scene”. Sparsh has got the right jab with “24” that fights brilliantly..

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