Spending years excavating the delicate finishes and gathering confidence, Vasudha’s latest single “Happy This Way” is an ambient representation of self-reflection & gratitude.

An insatiable allure of lining her songs with every emotion her hearts filled up with is what drives singer-songwriter Vasudha to make music that’s a driving force. With power dynamics that shift like quicksand, Vasudha carries her song pretty well keeping it all balanced and upbeat. She has an energetic aura that has become her signature style that commands a perfect creation. Vasudha’s fanciful music has been growing and rising levels with each of her releases.

“Happy This Way” the latest addition in her musical catalog, is gaining life of its own with its upbeat production and modern arrangements. Vasudha’s vision looks sharpened as she works over the song. She’s reflected on her life lessons and experiences using them as the charging point for her song, using that to write down the lyrics. The song seems to be an introspection of Vadudha’s life escapades. It starts with an acoustic guitar playing a set of pop chord progression. Vasudha’s delicate vocal melodies weave over, showing the natural element of her being straightforward & true. Winding synth rhythms layered under that draw out a smooth filter for the song. The song leaves one breathless, offering vantage points from which to witness a new way of living life.

Vasudha thrives in her artistic element driven by a minimalist approach. While talking about the song Vasudha says, “The song ‘Happy This Way’ speaks about the importance of staying innocent throughout life and keeping the inner child alive, owning the uncertainty of life instead of feeling guilty about it. The song promotes a healthy mindset towards life, that it’s okay not to have everything figured out. ‘Happy This Way’ is for the people still figuring it out. People in their teens, twenties, and anyone full of youthful zest”. The song has a sweet aftertaste after delivering and listening to her peaceful vocal performance. She adds, “This song also came from my personal experience of realizing that there is a lot of pressure for achieving certain success at a certain time of life which is totally unrealistic. This song is for all of us and a reminder to focus on what we have and be grateful for that”. 

“Happy This Way” is a snapshot of Vasudha’s life experiences and the learning curves she’s gone through. Spending years excavating the delicate finishes and gathering confidence it took her almost two years to complete the track. The song is an expression of brittle self-reflection with the brisk guitar and glossy vocals driving the song smoothly. It’s a slow-building, uplifting and personified sound design. Vasudha’s lyrics circle images of self-worth & gratitude. It’s a steady step in the right direction to grow in her musical career.

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