Surging with an emotional wave of inner thoughts Rahul Makhija speaks about it in his latest single “Dastaan”.

Surging with an emotional wave of inner thoughts, trying to resolve all of it in a 3 minute song kinda feels like an easy way to get it out of his mind for artist Rahul Makhija. The 24-year-old singer songwriter’s new single, Dastaan, is a journey of dealing with personal loss. As Rahul wrestles with his thoughts taxing to write the right words he has fabricated something truly beautiful.

Dastaan, gushes with upgrades of Rahul’s mindful thoughts, presenting them in the song. A song that has a polish and simplicity to it, so thick with effort that it can sometimes be hard to take. It starts with a progression of chords played over a piano and an organ, playing along the drums that just feel speculative and wandering, electric guitars filling in sweetly and Rahul’s voice touching different dimensions giving it meaning. Moments like these illuminate him as an artist that reflects on his latest release. 

Rahul cocoons himself with his thoughts that haunt him embracing them. He wraps his artistic mind with a pop structured sound using it as a canvas for his thoughts. There’s a certain kind of emotional investment he’s put in with Dastaan, he injects the track with everything that he wants to speak out, “Likhi thi yeh Dastaan, tumhari aur meri.” Is just him letting his heart lead the path. When asked about his single he says, “Loss’ being the theme speaks about how

it is inevitable and having said that, it

also affects people very differently.” 

On Dastaan, Rahul fixates on familiar thoughts he’s been going through, the realization of losing someone close and the vulnerability one feels. Here Rahul makes his thoughts as a driving point.  

Overall Dastaan is a heady, soft, meaningful, relevant pop groove kind of a song. His voice seems to reach out for connection that are tangled with the guitars, pianos and drums. Dastaan’ strength is the emotional power and all of these things together suggest how good of an artist Rahul Makhija is.

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