Tanya Ravidas take a deep dive behind her inspiration and creative ideas for her track “Saturn”.

We did an interview with the artist over a cup of coffee about this latest release, here’s what they had to say!

Tell us about your track

This is a song centred around two characters I created. BE-O and BE-A.They both came together to save the planet Earth.Earths people didn’t listen to them and they failed. As it was only circumstance that tied them both together, they drifted apart from eachother in the fabric of time and space never to reunite again.They try to justify their falling apart by a weak ill fitted word- fate. The same chord sequence is used in all parts of the song symbolising the monotony with which history repeats itself. In the second verse the F major is replaced with F minor to show the dismantling of their dreams. Time is cruel and can play out in dangerous and painful ways. Saturn is a melancholic song of drifting apart from someone you really love. This one by circumstance, it hurts even more that it was neither of their faults, therefore nothing to blame but fate and destiny. Thats why the chorus says “guess its built in the cosmos”

Tell us your inspiration behind this track

This song was actually homework for songwriting classes with Bindu maam, my mentor. We were to take a chord sequence and build a song around it Thats when I first came across the 7th chord. It totally blew me away. It sounded cool and spacey, if thats a word. I got on my ukulele and just started exploring space words and melody soon escaped effortlessly. For every song I write I create a situation with original characters. In this case BE-O and BE-A. They are two characters who see the worsening condition of our decaying planet. This brings them together and laces them into a strong thread called love. They use all their tricks up their sleeve and pour in all their blood sweat and tears to just warn the inhabitants. The people of Earth do not listen to them and they are rejected from the people. They take refuge on saturn- giving it its name. They watch its timely decay and since theres no situation that glues them together they drift apart into the vast void of space. Its no ones fault, which makes their departure from eachother even more painful. It was “almost”. BE-O and BE-A were “Almost” never “enough”

How long did it take to record the track album EP ?

I wrote saturn when I was 14, I’m 16 now, Time really does fly. It took me a short amount of time to write the song and to make a tune and compose. I recorded this with Varun Murali, the guitarist of an Indian Band Swaratma in his studio The Red Music Box. Recording the vocals took about 2 sessions, 4 hours long. The recording was done in May and is finally released!

What is the meaning behind the lyrics?

I have noticed that my writing style is in short sentences. I have tried to encapsulate many visual imageries and emotions. The first verse is about choosing the wrong choice and straying from someones path. They never return to Earth but return back in their memories. Just like saturns rings fate repeats itself over and over and over, round and round and round. The prechorus is about their time wrapped in love using many visual aspects to show their intimacy and cuteness haha. The second part of the precious contrasts it. Its about how theyre unwelcome and unloved by others. As its not what they think about themselves but about what the people think of them, yet they accept it. The chorus is fate. How they don’t blame anyone mut fate. It follows the theme of space as its something we still dont understand, making it something easier to fault. They were the word – Almost. They were almost but never just enough. It also highlights the vile nature of time and how only time can make people fall apart. The second verse is about all the things they have learnt doing wrong. It’s their mistakes and they have now learned that nothing they ever did could ever help anyone, especially not themselves. They learned the hard way but at least they didnt replay it over and over the way fate does. Now theyre on the ring of Saturn. Sitting and watching the way the beautiful planet crumbles layer by layer until it explodes. They coax eachother as they watch it explode before their eyes. Whats a hero who’s happy? The post chorus/ bridge is just a repetition to emphasize on the way they drift apart never to unit, just like parallel lines. Time played them both and this makes it evident

What brings next after this release?

I plan to make more songs or an EP with a definitive storyline! A plot which has intrinsic characters and heavy topics to deal with. Do look forward to it!

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