The Arctic Tern’s latest release “Beparwah” is a seamless melding of ideas and notions about their experiences.

Pure emotions with seamless melding of ideas and notions gluing them with music, sound like a malleable way to speak your heart out. The Arctic Tern transform all of their thoughts into the music they create. Drawing all their needs from their experiences to make music that often feels inspiring and thoughtful. 

“Beparwah” is the band’s latest single. It’s a song that focuses on manifesting a state of pursuing your dreams, in a way a state of growth. The opening of the song is a drone like organ that sustains at the back, layered over with a piano riff. After which the vocals come in with a rich texture and from then the song dives into an array of instruments. A groovy bass line, whispering drums and shimmering electric guitars. The music is resonant, brilliant and apt. Guitar tone out of rock anthem, popping out of the mix and a smooth guitar solo to add colour. A very naturalistic motion, that sounds effortless. The track bubbles with a certain energy. The dynamics keep growing as the song keeps moving.

“Beparwah is a story of anyone who has a calling. Often we know in our hearts what we want but we are afraid to pursue our calling”, says the band. There’s a powerful message behind the lyrics that has content and inspiration. Talking about the song the band say, “It’s a song which motivated us in our low times and we hope it helps someone who feels the same way as we did.”

“Beparwah” uncovers the doubts we all go through in our life but at the same time it makes us realize how we can outgrow and overcome it from our emotional depths. The band’s music is like snapshots of the moments they’ve lived through. Their sound is pure, always plunging into something more meaningful and relevant.

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