The Eastern Johnny Sins of Music unpacks his musical versatility in his latest Album 2 Play.

As long as you create music that makes you feel proud and happy one could say you’re on the right path. Mr. UK has been doing that ever since he’s stepped in making music. Getting the name from his friends in University who called him Mr. UK affectionately as he hailed from UK (Uttarakhand). Raghav Sehgal been content in creating artistically driven music. With a pragmatic approach athletically rapped songs with touches of multiple genres ranging from hip-pop, pop & R&B. A vigor of his rap abilities lingers throughout the music he makes, eventually showing his skills & capabilities.

“2Play” is the latest 10 song album by the versatile artist. He teamed up with producer PrincePratap. The album spans from rap to modern pop, a vast range of creative efforts that desire for respect. He retraces his upbringings and gives himself the confidence to make something this flexible. He sounds like a man on a mission trying to conquer the world with his music. A busy catalog that drives the album on another level. 

Thematically, the album has a series of songs that explores the nature of aspirations and goals. His work & music gets refined with each progressing track. He’s embraced his rap game rectifying it as he progresses. Writing skills that’s not withholding but developing and maturing artistically. Clean & peppy beats with playful lyricism “Hathkadi” is the most fun of the bunch, taking an entertaining approach. “Ride It” was the first single which turned out to be a blockbuster, and is a modern pop synth earworm. Tracks like “Judaa” & “So Gaya” don’t shy away from experimenting with both pop driven songs, the later being a slow pop ballad. 

Mr. UK finds balance in the music he makes. Stealing moments with his writing and singing skills in “Khushboo”. The album boasts his vocal features and his skilled arrangements. That versatility extends to the beats and musical production. Prince, the producer for the album is to thank for the musical ensembles. Together the duo have found the right ingredients for making the right soundtracks. The duo sound effortless throughout the album. “Feel Me” a song that features trap beats & a slow groove that transcends into a regular pop song. 

While talking about the album Mr. Uk said, “Most of the tracks in 2 Play were inspired on the spot because as an artist I wanted to keep my youtube channel running so for consistency sake the songs were created out of beat loops by the producer”.  His ear for music grows increasingly wide. 

These efforts and catchy hook lines solidify further on “Lip Gloss” “Khushboo” “Monika’s Seduction”  & “ Le Le Meri Jaan”. Overall “2play” is an album that’s breezy, confident style & modern. Playful at times with fun lyrics in “Scandal” that pull the strings making the listener groove to the beats. Reflections of an artistic mind show through the music. Perfectly created and crafted “2Play” is a multi genre paradise. The track “Ride it“ featured in Amazon Music 50 Most Played: India, Fresh Hindi, 2000s Bollywood Romance playlists and crossed 100k views on Youtube along with “Scandal”. He’s outgrown himself as an artist, powering the music scene by being raw & honest.

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