The singer-songwriter returns with her latest single “Kaynat” a beautifully arranged track that’s intimate and dramatic.

Songs & lyrics have a comprehensive and inseparable bond when they jive together. The melody gliding them both to a different dominion and emotions as the driving force. All the arrangements impressively fusing giving birth to something that’s intimate and beautiful. Heeya Tikku shows her inventiveness and musical brains with a forward moving ambition. Rhythmic pulsations similar to her beating heart that keeps her music alive.

As one might expect from a person who loves music and who’s an incredible singer, Heeya Tikku fares well with her latest single “Kaynat” a song that’s rhythmically active & mellow. This song is slow with melancholic emotions hidden inside. The song starts with a choir-like vocal harmonies that’s followed by Tikku’s glistening soft vocals over a layer of creamy synth chord progression. As the song blossoms it charges ahead with a series of instruments interlocking together. The drum machine made its presence felt without grabbing the whole attention. Precisely arranged drapery of the electric guitars at intervals that turn up a notch. A gentle and ear candy guitar solo to top everything up. Her voice sets in beautifully between pillows of drums and guitars. It’s possible to get lost in the striking combinations of grooves and emotions. 

With killer sound design and production Tikku’s got a helping hand from producer Shivansh Agarwal and mix engineer Maadhavan Bhattacharjee who got the song sounding sweet with a brilliant mix. Most of her lyrics seem to describe her love life, a break up of some sort. While asked about the song Tikku said, “Kaynat is about yearning the once in a lifetime kind of love that you had and hoping to reunite with the one while gazing at the midnight stars. It’s about how “Kaynat” (universe) works mysteriously and conspires to help you find them again. And even if you don’t, you wish that in an alternate universe you’re still together with them”. As a writer Tikku has grown and matured patting herself up. She adds, “Kaynat is all about wishful thinking and dreaming because that has been my reality for a while now”.

“Kaynat ” is built on Tikku’s experiences, a song with a tuneful quality. It’s a song that has everything from interleaving instrumentation to key changes at the end. A mannered delivery that offers how Tikku’s learning and growing.

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