The young rapper, singer’s debut “Overdrive” is a reminder to let loose and live free, that challenges self-reflection through melancholic chill rap.

Chill rap ballads that play like a score for an abstract short biographical thriller film, REJ grooves with his hazy production & diaristic words about juxtaposition between the life he manifests and the life he’s currently living. The young rapper has the ability and flair for a vibrant storytelling journey through his lyricism. Unlatching his own talent trying to reach the heights of his potential, REJ is steadily stepping in the musical realm.

“Overdrive” is his debut single, an intimate and conscious combination of words and musical arrangements. For an artist just starting out he sounds ready, ambitious & confident. He’s used a voice note as an intro before he jumps into a simplistic trap drum machine, keeping groove. There’s an ascending dreamy organ that plays as a hook line under the drum machine. REJ evokes his rapping skills to its highest ability that bounces along a groovy bass line. The musical ensemble sounds more like an aesthetically lo-fi cinematic theme. It has a dark colorful texture thanks to the satiny organs and synths floating throughout the production. 

REJ’s tongue translates his feelings and emotions into an artistic exploration. He said, “Overdrive’ came to life when me and the crew went on a drive to the hills. The liberation and freedom we experienced during the getaway inspired me to create this juxtaposition between the life I manifest and the life I’m currently living.” He goes on to add, “Sonically, I tap into the chill rap genre with a wavy flow and bars which I think would be one of the signature sounds of the Indian underground hip-hop scene going forward.”

Throughout the song, REJ’s creativity shines bright highlighting his visions and ideas. “Overdrive” has a dark melancholic sound to it, with thoughts that remind you to let loose and live free. There’s an optimistic shade that moves back and forth. A repetitive groove that never gets boring, it gets deeper and interesting as if you’re falling into a trance. REJ evokes reflection as an artist who’s dedicated to his music.

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