Top 5 Easiest Instruments You Can Learn (2022 Guide)

Finally decided to learn how to play an instrument to impress someone or just because you felt like you should?
Well for starters, that’s a fantastic idea either way and so I’m here to help you do that. I’m gonna give you my top five instruments that you can easily learn to play at home.

1.  Harmonica.
Jasleen Royal

As kids, we’ve loved watching cartoons and we often saw and heard a few cartoon characters play harmonica while locked up, right? But yeah nostalgia aside, the harmonica is an awesome instrument, the best thing about it is that it’s so small it fits right into your pocket. Harmonicas are a very versatile instrument, featured in a lot of music genres. So if you could learn how to play, there’s a good chance for you to impress the listeners. It’s one of the easiest learning instruments, with a little practice off course! It’s not a super loud instrument so you could practice playing it anytime as you are chilling. Easy to learn.

2.  Tambourine.

If you’re an Oasis fan, you surely would know how good a tambourine can sound and if you don’t well I suggest you check that out at least once. Tambourines are very simple yet very powerful in some way, it grabs you right by their rhythmic side. It’s a percussive instrument that adds a lot of energy when used well. Tambourines come in a lot of different shapes but they have more or less similar basic structures. You can make different sounds either by shaking it or by the way to decide to hit it.
Even a child with a tambourine could enjoy it just because of its percussive element.

3.  Bongos.

The best part about these is that you can enjoy playing them just by hitting them using your own feeling for rhythm. But yeah if you want to take your bongo-playing next step, it’s not that hard to do so. It’s not a very demanding instrument for one to play. “For Your Love” by The Yardbirds, T- Rex “Bang A Gong” are very good examples of how bongos are used in rock songs as well.

4.  Keyboards.
Ayushman Khurana

Keyboards can sound great in a lot of ways. The biggest appeal of the keyboards is that you can play full songs by yourself. You can play anything in any genre. Getting perfect at keyboards/piano can take years but if your goal is just to impress someone with a song or two then it might only take months. Learning a keyboard not only helps you play songs but it can also help you develop good hand-eye coordination. Nowadays modern music software revolves around the keyboard structure, the MIDI, so learning how to play a keyboard will help in a lot more ways than you can imagine.

5.  Ukulele.

Ukuleles come in all different shapes and sizes, different wood, and different patterns, and ukuleles are fun. You could just chill on your couch, have “Stranger Things” playing behind and you could just play the ukulele. Learn four basic chords and you are good to go. They are very much similar to the guitar, but it’s easier to learn since it’s small and has fewer strings.

Music in itself has a lot of benefits, so learning to play an instrument could really be a stress reliever and a bonus.
So these are my top five instruments that you can easily learn how to play. I hope you decide to play one of these. Cheers!

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