“Twesha Ghosh: From Hindustani Classical to Electronic – Embracing the Daily Chaos”

Twesha Ghosh is a talented singer-songwriter based in Bangalore who has recently ventured into the world of electronic music. Although she has been trained in Hindustani classical since childhood, Twesha’s passion for music has led her to explore various genres, including ambient electronic music.

Her latest track, “Chaos,” is a clean and rhythmic electronic track that is over a minute long. Inspired by the sounds of everyday urban life, such as traffic, Twesha has incorporated these sounds into the track, making it a unique listening experience. The main soundtrack of the track builds and disintegrates while keeping the chaotic sounds in the background, creating a perfect blend of music and sound effects.

The essence of “Chaos” lies in its ability to embrace the daily city life, which can often be hectic and stressful. The hustle and bustle of the streets and surroundings can be overwhelming, but amidst all the noise, there is a sense of quiet and calm from an individual perspective. Twesha’s track beautifully captures this duality, making it a perfect addition to anyone’s playlist.

Twesha’s background in Hindustani classical music has given her a unique perspective when it comes to creating music. Her debut single, “Khoyi,” is a testament to her versatility as a musician. Her ability to switch seamlessly between genres is a testament to her talent and dedication to her craft.

In 2019, Twesha sang in a Bingo ad jingle alongside Shaan and Babu Habi. Her soulful voice was the perfect addition to the catchy jingle, showcasing her ability to adapt to any musical style.

With her love for music and willingness to experiment with different genres, Twesha Ghosh is an up-and-coming musician to watch out for. Her ability to capture the essence of everyday life in her music is a rare gift that sets her apart from her contemporaries.

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