Udbhav Sharma’s latest album “Ruhaniyaat” is a significant breakthrough for him as a musician.

Genre experimentation and spending time building a vast collection of experiences transforming them into songs Udbhav Sharma outlines all of his life’s emotional upheavals through his new album “Ruhaaniyat”.  A unique amalgam of Sufi wrapped in modernism, Sharma’s songs drown in their own playful rhythms and themes. It’s a journal of all his experiences that he’s had in the last two years. 

Gentle textures of well oiled arrangements, an upgrade to his life in every sense. “Ruhaniyat” is a soulful serene album, hitting harder and deeper into Sharma’s life escapade. Cleverly worked songs detouring from his various life encounters. The album starts with “Alvida” a ballad-like song that has electric guitars, pianos, acoustic guitars, a song that reflects on emotions of melancholy. “‘Ek Ehsas” is the second track of the album featuring Sam Rajput, a song that wields six-string guitars pulling the strings setting a mood of “wanting”, splicing fragments of searching for something memorable. He has managed to layer phrases and emotions with music in an artistic fashion that’s opaque. A modern mixture of Sufi beats, guitar solos and brief rap lines on “Dil Fanah” he conjures images of self reflection offering himself an empty consolation. 

He’s gotten better and better as the album progresses with songs such as “Nata ”, that features Ritika on vocals, her angelic voice glides on smoothly as she dictates the song in a story telling fashion. To complete the album he’s got “Raatein” “Teri Kami” and “Besabar ” songs that throw in the feelings of anguish, gloom and desperation.  His ambitions to put his emotions at the forefront of his songs gives it a magical touch. He’s got creative with his drum programming in each of his songs expanding his palette. 

All of the seven songs come as a surprise highlight of what he was going through as he wrote them all. Talking about the album Sharma said, “So I was going through a low phase in my life and almost lost hope on my passion i.e music. I used to write sometimes so I tried to pen down what I was feeling and that’s how tracks like ‘Alvida, ‘Ek Ehsas’, ‘Nata’ and many more came into existence”. He adds, “The song Alvida is very close to my heart as it exactly depicts what I was going through when I got into a dark phase in my life. So in the song Alvida I wrote ‘Ab kar alvida,khudka pata. Jo hona tha so hogaya bhul Jaa,phirse uthkar tu ab kahin ek ghar bana,bikhre tukdo ko jodkar khudko saja. That basically means you just leave away the parts of you that no longer serve in your life and gather hope for the better days that are about to take place in your life”.

Abstract improvisations, creative building chains and helping hands from artists such as Joel Jose, Sam Rajput, Ritika, Jateen Shharma, Manav Bajaj and Nishant Vashisth who joined  forces guiding the album on the right track. It’s exciting to see so many different artists and musicians coming together for one single album making it unique in its own way. Such well planned and organized efforts carve out the album the way it should be, true and straightforward. 

Udbhav Sharma’s “Ruhaaniyaat” is a significant breakthrough for him as a musician, refining him to be a better artist for the future to come.

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