“Unafraid” is Zachary Ray’s Latest Album As He Grapples With Mental Health & Depression

Reconciling on the subjects of mental health, finding confidence & depression Zachary Ray’s work as musician is at the heart of his latest album “Unafraid”. A lot of his wonderful & dark emotions vomit through the songs, shape shifting the songs and the complete album with twists & turns. An immersive experience that walks you through different levels of life. Zachary Ray recorded these songs all over the globe; from Nashville to Seattle and Mumbai. Crossing the turbulent emotions and giving it the right direction. He’s worked towards a healing process through his music that’s in a way therapeutic.

The album starts with the self titled single “Unfraid” a song that glides between emotional and spiritual realities. A piano orchestrating the song, that’s gentle and honest, Zachary’s vocals shining above them all. “Vicious Cycle” the second single is a modern pop song that opens up a portal to a poptimistic music having lyrics that talk about the “Vicious Cycles” each one of us go through in life, a song about self relaization, the song features Shreya Bhattacharya on vocals. Envisioning himself at the center with his life experience he sorts his songs out a lonesome warrior in way, learning and growing. His glistening vocals that cocoon his emotions stand out on “Snapshot”, another bedroom pop modern song. 

Oceanic synths, drum loops & mixture of electronics can be seen in “Danger”. The keyboard melodies shine throughout the album’s arrangements. Occasionally, turning down a notch yet keeping it upbeat. His song’s consist of fragments from his life experiences, with not so abstract lyrics that match his feelings. “When You Know” starts with music that’s buried in the background with Zachary’s vocals layering over cascading into a pop hit with fuzzy synths and drum bursts that skip a beat. His signature synth sound continues in “Where Do You Want To Go” with electric guitars and arpeggiated piano melodies that fill in the gaps. His songs fold into danceable beats. The same arrangement follows in the singles “Rebel Hearts”, “Who Are You”, “Let Go” which features Nathan Walters & “Out Of Time” which has Frntflw over it.


Zachary uses mental health as his primary subject with his songs revolving around sorting it out. Talking about the album Zachary said, “Unafraid is a collection of songs that touch on subjects of mental health, finding confidence in who you were called and destined to be, the cycles of addiction and depression and fighting you’re way out, to not letting the society around you lead you down a broken path and rebelling against living a life mediocrity and living above reproach”.

“Unafraid” is Zachary’s brainchild, his most interesting experiment that’s built with hard work and time. He adds, “It’s definitely a very international project having written and recorded these songs all over the globe; from  Nashville to Seattle and Mumbai, India”. 

His album reminds him of self acceptance and maturing as you learn, a symbol of growth. His musical ingenuity emerges as a revitalizing component in the musical journey. Zachary Ray’s album “Unafraid” isn’t afraid of fighting his inner demons and the inner ghouls. An empathic understanding as he converses with his inner-self.

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