Unleashing a spirited spectrum of emotional colors with looping guitar melodies, Bright’s latest “The Dark Prince” showcases his compositional voice.

Unleashing a spirited spectrum of emotional  colors with looping guitar melodies, Bright’s compositions build small, eventually gushing into something heavy and raw. His dreamy & underdone guitar patterns lay a basic foundation from which he draws his experiences by performing over them adding layers of electric guitars. Notably known for his guitar playing, Bright works accordingly, giving his guitar playing abilities the center stage. 

“The Dark Prince ” is his latest creation, a hybrid of contemporary styles, with the pairing of acoustic & electric guitars. Finding awe-inspiring depth within all the chord progressions used he pieces together a brilliantly crafted artwork. Introducing heavy drums that punch you right in the face, beatific choir like vocals sitting on top of the arrangements. Electrifying guitar solo that sounds like a “high-pitched” cry solidifies his aptness as a musician. There’s an effervescent vibration between all the instruments in togetherness. It showcases Bright’s musical ingenuity as he puts all of the pieces simultaneously. 

While talking about the song Brighy said, “The Dark Prince’ from the upcoming studio album – ‘SKYQUAKES’, I’m going back to my musical roots. I want to get back to the music that set me on this journey over two decades ago”.  His ecstatic approach can clearly be seen through the work and music. He adds, “There’s actually a pretty cool story behind the song ‘The Dark Prince’. I first worked on the rhythm section, the acoustic guitar part that you hear on the song, when I was living for about half-a-year in the North-Eastern Himalayan mountain range city of Gangtok, Sikkim way back in 2013. And there was this point where I visited the Rumtek Monastery and met a few old monks over there who I think really influenced the way I tackle things in my life. I kind of trekked back to my place after the visit and when I got back to my home near the valley, I picked up my guitar, took a deep breath and strummed the chords that you hear on the song”.

“The Dark Prince” cements his compositional voice, as he explores his different musical dimensions. It provides a lens into what’s more to come with his album. His vision & love for patterning chord arrangements shine bright. There’s a resonance between what his mind envisions and the music that he makes.

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