Unsurprisingly keeping things simple is Charle$ latest “GWSW” is a soft rock acoustic earworm.

A good song crawls from deep within the heart, like a flower blossoming in the bright sun. With a  collection of bedroom thoughts, life experiences and broken hearts as the driving force. This modern lo-fi power pop collection showcases a new path the music industry is taking. Songwriting talents that are capable of touching your heart and that is more than just easy go-to words. It turns out any acoustic guitar songs can be a banger too.

“GWSW” is a scooped single from singer-songwriter Charle$. With bubblegum sounding acoustic guitar chord progression that’s backing the composition. Pretty much with minimalist and simple approach the song scrapes all that Charle$ is wanting to say wrapping it up right in between the melody. The energy is spontaneous as is his creativity. The guitar satin plucks interleaving his glistening vocals. The drum loops strong and powerful grounding the song right. The drums counterbalanced with groovy 808s. Charle$ sings from his heart which can be easily noticed, the guitar pluck hooks lending the song with a distinct vibe. You can’t get enough of the overall musical arrangements with the melody oozing out with each twist and turn.

Unsurprisingly keeping things simple is Charle$ superpower and it’s his best one yet. While talking about the song Charle$ said, “My inspiration behind these track is that it gave me a lot of potential to me to go through my song or I learn from my mistakes and move on with it so every music or every song i write or i produced is an inspiration to me or for my career”. The track was produced by a professional Guitarist, Ryan Anderson (Ryini Beats) from Los Angels, California.

“GWSW” is a song that feels catchier with each listen making it a earworm. The amount of creativity he’s accomplished with his minimalist approach is something to take note of. The song has an aesthetic lo-fi pop sound to it, with layers of guitars and simple drum loops. Charle$ is offering a glimpse into his musical creation engineering his way through his latest single.

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