With an appetite heavy as that of a giant, Skinny Local & Cartel Madras feed themselves with their latest single “MMM”

With an appetite heavy as that of a giant, Skinny Local & Cartel Madras feed themselves with music that’s a level high. Consummate musicians and perpetual victims of wordplays both are hungry for more and await the release of new music that would add up to their musical catalog. Each track that they have made until now hits you differently. A very vivid musical palette that satiates their appetite.

“MMM” is the latest addition of a new single in their catalog. A project that’s tightened through mixtapes with increased cohesion between the two. MMM offers a dark house distortion tone throughout the song, an 808 that’s pitch black groovy, aggressive war-drums which sound like a war cry beamed into space. These unexpected production ways are a standout moment filling each gap by itself. Distorted electric guitars that sound straight out from the Mad Max movie. The work feels so full and complete at the same time it functions as a thematic song. The song has a tactility that keeps the samples from getting lost far behind. 

Skinny Local is a composer based in Vancouver, BC. Creating beats that transcend to a new world, while using past familiar sounds in our world. Skinny was born in Durban, South Africa, and immigrated to Canada in 2001. He has a background in film, and wanted to bring storytelling to his music. His production shares a core principle with storytelling which often can be seen through the possibilities of music as a medium. He has no interest in specific instruments or sounds rather determined to create something true to himself, he decided to embrace maximalism and produce music solely based on hus instinct and what was happening in his mind.

Cartel Madras is a Calgary-based hip-hop sensation, who are known for shaking things up in Calgary, in Canada, and in the music industry.

Hailing from Madras in South India, sisters Contra and Eboshi (a.k.a. Priya and Bhagya Ramesh, respectively) are rappers building a considerable fanbase and capturing the attention of fascinated on-lookers as they develop empowering narratives as people of colour (POC). Through rapping, Cartel Madras delivers these narratives in an explosive way that taps into popular culture and uses it as an effective platform to engage diverse audiences. With a huge community of support, notoriously tongue-in-cheek lyricism, fire beats, and a good bit of fun, the team dynamic helps keep Cartel Madras grounded.

“MMM” is evidence that there’s still a new wave of artists that are willing to tread on new grounds, creating fresh sounds that explore rap and push it up on another level. Both Skinny Local & Cartel Madras are resonant together, refreshing & rooted. The blend of aggressive spice that puts the flavor is hip-hop & rap.

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