With an exuberant vulnerability that’s laid bare AKG’s latest “Qatra Qatra” is an ode to nature’s bliss.

An exuberant vulnerability that is laid bare into the music created, Amit Kumar Gupta (AKG) returns into a safe place whenever he makes songs. With breezy thoughts reconnecting and making him one with nature his gorgeous sonics speak volumes. There are big ripe melodies that burst within his thoughts that have bittersweet emotions. These are the songs that AKG feels most close to.

With his latest single “Qatra Qatra” an ode to nature’s bliss, AKG pours in with a juicy sweet melody. It’s a song that’s simple with a heavenly piano playing chords, over which AKG delivers his sweet and calming vocals. The song avoids being excessive but yet comes off full and complete. The drums waltzing with ease, the acoustic guitars breezing through the song with comfort that feels like a long sigh. A saxophone solo that lights up the song in the latter part. We all can get lost in the fog of AKG’s production style. It feels like a night spent in the paradise of nature. AKG’s songs have always been about something meaningful & thoughtful which can be seen as he sings “Qatra qatra banke main bhi chalun 

Tere peeche main udta phirun”…the lyrics sung sweetly through filters defines an aesthetic marker to any listener.

AKG works freely without restrictions, sprinkling his songs with a creative magical dust all over. While talking about the song he said, “Qatra Qatra” expresses the longing to become the particles and go on a journey through the weaves of the universe.  This song was born on a sunny December afternoon in the Jungles of Jim Corbett National Park”. There’s a balance in the song between AKG and nature. Together they are cohesive, embodying some kind of magical bond. He adds, “I was mesmerized by the conversation of Nature, in utter silence,and felt really close to my surroundings.  There were days when I felt as if ,even the breeze spoke to the trees, and that feeling transpired into this simple melodic song”. 

“Qatra Qatra” is brilliantly constructed with a pleasing melody that embraces its own style and meaning. The 3/4 rhythm makes you groove along the song as if you’re one offering limitless possibilities. It’s an elegant composition with AKG’s authentic production style. AKG is starting to grow reminding people of how good of a voice he has & is maturing into a fantastic musician.

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