With reinventions and catch phrases from the 90s, throw in modern production arrangements, Semwal’s latest single “Dil Da Pecha” is a gem.

With reinventions and catch phrases from the 90s, throw in modern production arrangements and what you got is, a creative mess. Semwal a Chandigarh based Indie artist is throwing in grooves and sass with his music. Making waves through his debut EP in 2021 with tracks such as “Tishnagi” and “Asar Tera” he’s surely cut through the crowd which in itself is remarkable. Now in addition, to chart his career to the next level, he’s planning on releasing his debut album in English, Hindi and Punjabi. This is where he metamorphoses into a matured version of himself.

“Dil Da Pecha” is his latest single from the album. A high octane intensity, groovy as it gets, you surely can’t listen to it just once. It starts with a punchy, highly stimulating bass line that cannot go unnoticed, a funky electric guitar rhythm as a flickering layer strolling behind and you’re already hooked. Now add in Semwal’s powerful vocals and you’ve got a earworm. The drums are simple and that’s what makes them sound tight and strong. The chorus is filled with glistening arpeggiated synth, completing the track raising  it to the next level, making it sound grand and rich. A vocoder effect to give a touch of color and electronic music. You can hear Semwal reveling in freedom and pushing himself to the limits to sound perfect which he has done brilliantly. 

“Dil Da Pecha” has used minimalism to perfection, keeping things simple and yet making it sound grand. A masterpiece overall. Talking about the song Semwal says, “Dil Da Pecha’ pays homage to the authenticity of old-school romance where relationships were built on mutual respect and understanding. The song embraces the choice to be single and celebrates self-love and self-discovery”. The song has a touch of yearning and nostalgic, a love story that most of us would connect ourselves with.

Dil Da Pecha makes for a standout track that stays with you long after the final chord has faded away Describing what he’d want the audience to take away from this fresh single. Semwal adds, “I imagine the track will make you think how we’ve all grown tired of the endless swiping and messaging, the pressure to present the perfect online persona and the lack of genuine connection. I’d love for people to just get lost in the groove and realize that it is okay to take your time and wait for the right person to come along.” A popular narrative, revealing the same feeling we all had once, “Dil Da Pecha” an old school love affair.

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