With sounds from the 70s, 80s and lyrics about loss and love, VKRM’s latest “Where’d You Go” is his way of dealing with grief.

A sense of wonder pervades through music that really comes out from within one’s heart, lightning up the songs with all the thoughts, sentiments, passion & warmth. VKRM’s latest single “ Where’d You Go” stands proof to all of the above. He explores reflections of loss, death and memories of the loved ones. Flaring up the music with his vocal melodies trying his best to cope with the loss of his grandparents. 

“Where’d You Go” begins with a velvety piano arpeggiated chords, layered with a classic 80s sounding synth lead that hollows out into an ensemble of instruments playing in unison. VKRM’s laid back vocals get louder as you lean in closer listening to him sing, “I feel I’ve got a new God to pray to…” A very groovy bass line that briskly glides around his vocal melodies, subtle sounding drums that keep the song grounded. The song slips into stories about what he’s going through as he experiences distress while he tries to comfort himself. The music is inspired by the 70s and 80s soul sound of greats like Stevie Wonder, Al Green and Bill Whethers. The song is a small detour of VKRM’s despaired mind.

VKRM’s home studio was where the song was conceived. He’s had wonderful musicians featured in the song living in different parts of the country. Surja and Arpan recorded their bass and drum parts respectively from Kolkata and Shailendra recorded his guitar lines from Delhi. Maanavi Bisaria from Bangalore recorded her vocal harmonies to compliment VKRM’s main vocals. It was then mixed and mastered by Surja Dutta.

VKRM draws on that naturalistic conceit of how being vulnerable can be used as a way to heal losing the people we love. His vocal lends itself weaving together with the lyrics giving it meaning. He works in tandem with the complex instrumentation of the song that keeps everything well balanced. VKRM said, “The song ‘Where’d You Go’ is inspired by love and the consequent loss of love. Human mortality is inevitable and as we age, our family members and loved ones get older and one fine day they cross the bridge”.  The song is an ode to his late grandparents and has been VKRM’s way of coping with grief.

“Where’d You Go” is a VKRM’s heart speaking, his lyrics explaining, his vocal’s trying to find answers. He’s planted all of them perfectly, leaving space for ambiguity around what he really wants to speak. 

There’s a sense of affection that brings his succinct lyrics to life.

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