Writing songs that would sustain emotions in them, Anuragi’s latest single “Jogi” is one for the travellers in search of light.

Writing songs that would sustain emotions in them for decades is something beautiful. Anuragi contains all of those feelings and emotions in his music, letting it out for people to experience it in their own different ways. Making music as such where the listeners could project themselves is something he’s pretty good at, his simple meaningful lyrics a natural magnet for gnomic masses. 

Anuragi’s latest single “Jogi” is a driving force in which he explores the journeys of life trying to find the light. “Jogi” has a very classy folk touch to it with the harmonium at the start and which plays throughout, the song features a dholak beat based on the ragas. Then you have Anuragi’s prominent vocals that shine and elevate the song. Wandering bass melodies and simple drums that hold the song together. There’s an acoustic guitar that’s familiar with the modern sound. Adding powerful electric guitars towards the chorus gives it an extra bonus. Overall “Jogi” has complex rhythms that disguise themselves to sound simple. It might take you several listens to discern the arrangements. But as a musician Anuragi has got everything right.

While talking about the song Anuragi said, 

“Jogi, the seeker, is on his journey to find the eternal light and roams around. In all the different faces of life, he seeks to soothe himself, rays to tear away the internal darkness. The fragrant happiness is what he discovers as he unlocks the doors within and love being the key”. 

From the perspective of a listener it’s almost impossible to wonder how things work from an artistic point of view but artists like Anuragi give you a glimpse of what it could be as a “Jogi” traveling to seek light. The melodic lines, the folk rhythms and modern sounds of electric guitars and drums complete the song giving it a twist all in one.

Using the tales of a seeker, he reflects over life adding, “The song beautifully expresses the essence of that eternal love. It has the peace of asceticism with depth of love and width of acceptance, with quirk of romanticism”. 

“Jogi” is another song that makes it into Anuragi’s repertoire. The arrangement is tightly wound with a meaningful message. One could say it’s well composed and a perfectly executed piece of art.

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