“Zachary Ray and Shreya Bhattacharya Take Us on a Groovy ‘Moving On’ Adventure*

Hey there, music lovers and groove enthusiasts! We’ve got a musical treat for you that’s hotter than a fresh cup of chai on a chilly winter morning. Brace yourselves for a wild ride with Zachary Ray and Shreya Bhattacharya as they drop their latest track, “Moving On,” on November 3, 2023.

First things first, these two aren’t your average musicians. They’re like the dynamic duo of indie pop and experimental electronic vibes, and they’ve just joined forces to create a musical masterpiece that’ll make your eardrums do a happy dance.

“Moving On” isn’t just another song; it’s a full-blown musical journey that takes you on an adventure of self-discovery and renewal. Zachary Ray and Shreya Bhattacharya, our intrepid guides on this funky expedition, use their vocal magic to weave a tale of growth, transformation, and leaving the past behind. It’s like they’ve bottled up optimism and sprinkled it all over this tune.

But that’s not all, folks! The song is produced, mixed, and mastered by the one and only Hersh Desai. If that doesn’t scream sonic perfection, we don’t know what does. And did we mention that Zachary Ray is the genius behind the composition? Yeah, he’s the mad scientist concocting this musical potion.

The writing process for “Moving On” was a mix of introspection and good old storytelling. The lyrics were crafted to capture the essence of resilience and growth, like a lyrical elixir for your soul. Listening to it is like sipping on a cosmic smoothie of good vibes.

And guess what? Zachary and Shreya aren’t hitting the snooze button anytime soon. They’ve got a date with the studio this December to cook up an Electro Pop EP that’s bound to be the cherry on top of the musical cake.

Zachary Ray, with his musical roots in Boston, MA, brought his talents to India over a decade ago. He’s been teaching, performing, and collaborating with a slew of talented artists, and his music has graced some impressive pages in magazines like Rolling Stone India and Vogue India.

Now, let’s talk about Shreya Bhattacharya, the vocal powerhouse. She’s a graduate of Swarnabhoomi Academy of Music and can whip up some jazzy, R&B, and neo-soul vibes like it’s nobody’s business. She’s performed with some heavy hitters in the music world and is a Mumbai music scene staple.

So, folks, if you’re looking for a musical adventure that’s as smooth as butter and as uplifting as a double rainbow, “Moving On” is your ticket. Zachary Ray and Shreya Bhattacharya are the captains of this groovy ship, and you don’t want to miss the ride. Grab your headphones, hit play, and let the good times roll! 🎵🕺💃

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