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Atrangi Funkaar out with their debut EP ‘Funk Shastra’

With their latest release of ‘Chor Do Dheela’ which is also the fourth song of their debut EP ‘Funk Shastra’ Atrangi Funkaar has incorporated a refreshed modern rock vibe while spreading a message to people. The song presents a peek into the life of a person stuck in the corporate world, waking up to a monotonous schedule every single day. It records the dull and tiresome reality of someone who has to fake every little joy and does not have a single real reason left to smile. 

The song celebrates the urge and practice of breaking free. Removing oneself from the race, taking a break from the goals that have to be achieved, the tasks to be completed, and simply letting go. It urges the audience to discover, explore, cut themselves from the toxic cycle of success and failures, and simply enjoy the little joys of life. In short, this song will make you throw your hands up and dance with confidence which is in extreme contrast to the corporate world where every passing minute feels dull.

The album has a similar idea as some of Tenacious D songs where the songs feel like a conversation between people that builds a background story around the song which is evident in ‘Uncle Ji’ with the high energy and enthusiasm they portrayed the picture of the age-old tradition of parents forcing kids to perform for the guests, which ultimately had no point at all and their unique take on ‘The Alien Song’ where ‘If’ The aliens were to land on earth, they would most likely want to chill and spend some time casually rather than stealing our crude oil or dominate us like what most of the people presume.

What’s good about this album is that you are introduced to a unique experience like no other. The songs may not have a related plot but are all tied together well with the rock/Punk sounds and energy-heavy elements. Listening to the album makes you think about the way we live our life, usually having no control over our thoughts, choices, or will and just going along the path that the ‘mass’ follows.

The EP is a good mix of Rock and Pop elements across songs, with simple yet beautiful lyrics it’s idle for easy listening. The band has 2 frontmen, A rapper who specializes in writing and performing rap alongside a singer who has got a sharp pop culture texture. The motto of the band is to initiate and take forward ALTERNATIVE CRINGE POP.  The concept is very new and aims at targeting the audience between 13-35 years by bantering the incidents happening in day-to-day life through our music and lyrics which are portrayed with a subtle satire. This concept was well acknowledged by the IFP(Indian Film Project) as they awarded Kho Gyi, a song that was made in 48 hours, as the golden track of the year.

Follow the band at – https://www.instagram.com/atrangifunkaar/?hl=en

Artists Socials –

Avnesh – Bass Guitar – https://www.instagram.com/avneshsingh/?hl=en

Param – Lead Vocals – https://www.instagram.com/black_param/?hl=en

Ruhaan- Rap – https://www.instagram.com/ruhaan79/?hl=en

Doleshwar Raj – Lead Guitars – https://www.instagram.com/doleshwar_raj/?hl=en

Bhupendra – Drums – https://www.instagram.com/bhuppi_play_drums/?hl=en

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