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Bamba’s elegant modern pop single “If I Wanted I Would” feels melancholic and colorful exploring a series of emotional rides.

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Some artists thrive differently at different times depending on the experiences they live through, Bamba is one such artist with similar characteristics. Developing his music to feel his active emotions and give it life. He sucks up the energy to present his feelings in an art form. You can hear his passion & intensity that adapts to the rhythms of modern pop classics. Unconcerned with what’s going around people he’s maintaining a carefree attitude with a dark vibe.

“If I Wanted I Would” his latest single is in the style of modern pop and R&B. Bamba’s music is a small world in itself where he brings life creating and writing music. The song starts with a synth arpeggiated lick that glides blithely as the tide, his sleek & gleaming vocals waltzing over as he sings “Found my own self control, took some time but now I know….”. Silky synth chords that give an ethereal feel & icy atonal drones interleaving the arrangements. A powerful 808 that pushes the low end up a notch, drum machine presenting a groovy rhythmic section. Electric guitars that have a warm tone & twang making the arrangement more promising, a journey into self discovery.

Bamba’s music sounds like he’s put his heart & mind into it, gathering a mild of his experiences he’s had with friends & people. As he spoke about the song Bamba said, “ “If I Wanted I Would ” is about finding your self worth. All of my life I have sacrificed my well being to please other people. Now I am someone who recognizes that if I don’t want to do something I won’t be the one to cater to other people’s needs just to keep them happy. We only have one life so we always need to put our mental health first”. He leaves a recognizable terrain for his listeners where most of them can connect. He adds, ”My inspiration for the track comes with me changing my relationship with partying and dating. Throughout my life I have been a push over and now I am the type of person that will no longer do things I want to do”.

“If I Wanted I Would” explores a series of emotional rides that Bamba has been through, shape-shifting visions with an ambient dub the song feels conjured out of thin air. The rhythms hold sway along with Bamba’s brilliant vocals submerged in a thick & strong low end of 808s. The song is equally beatific & calm. Bamba has certainly found the right ingredients to put his thoughts into his music, painting a musical exchange that speaks his thoughts.

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