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Chintan Chauhan’s latest single “Manali Hippie” sounds convincingly artistic and melodic

Having the ability to establish an imagery with just words and music sounds cheeky and fun. Chintan Chauhan dives into with his new release “Manali Hippie” doing just that. Chauhan is being an expert observer and treating those observations as a conduit for enlightenment leading to his single.

With ideas so complete of imagination and awe it’s hard not to give it a listen. “Manali Hippie” begins with a sweet tone ukulele that sticks around as a hook and main rhythm section. The song then comes into life with Chauhan coming on vocals and engaging the listener, heightened by straightforward drums and a powerful bass line. With the uncomplicated yet cheerful sonics, the song sounds clean and sweet. It’s undemanding as a listener instead it’s cleverly embedded.

Chauhan has woven his journeys and experiences of Manali in the song through his songwriting. A little mischief, recycled hook, all together sounds like a travel song showered with all the emotions and affairs of a normal Manali day life. A very soft ballad-like melody over a ukulele making the song edible and interesting. 

Chauhan on his song, “It spreads the freedom and cheerful vibes that flow through the streets of Manali”. It feels like a victory lap around the city of Manali telling stories about how beautiful of a city it could be. “Manali Hippie” sounds convincingly artistic and melodic. It’s an unfiltered look into the city without really being there.

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