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Fuelled by stories written by poets, Roop Ghuman’s latest EP “Mushaira” captures his musical skills and poetic lyricism.

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Fuelled by stories written by poets, Roop Ghuman’s music has propelled him to a stratosphere of his music catalog. Music that’s a little personal with infectious melodies of mainstream rap Ghuman is traveling smoothly on his musical journey. He’s capturing the magic into the bottle of the new EP. Adding a unique spin to his music in a poetic way and different sound he’s reinventing himself in a completely new way.

“Mushaira” is his latest EP, a collection of 4 songs that has all of the glitz and glamor of a well arranged album. The album starts with “Ugg Painde Gulab” A romantic song from a poet in which he confesses his love to his beloved, saying that roses start blooming from the pages he writes her name on. Music that has a certain nostalgic melancholy to it, with guitar strums, hip hop beats and synth oceans, you would get an impression of modern hip hop beats. “Ashiqa’n ch badnaam” the second single is  story of an infamous lover with a bad reputation who is, however, classified among respected poets. He is a dishonest lover but his writing makes people fall in love with him. The song, later on, goes on to describe that behind his notorious personality is a lonely and anguished person and nobody knows his yearning. It’s a song with identifiable eccentricities that get stuck in your head, the very poetic lyricism, arpeggiated acoustic guitar intro which follows into the song.

The third song on the list is “Kite Shayar Banja Main” , a song which is a poet’s wish to feel everybody’s emotions and write about them. Be it heartbreak, a new love, the lives of youth or the separation of families etc. He wants to listen to everybody’s stories and do his bit in easing their pain and be a part of their joyous moments and the last 

“Bahro Kayar andro Shayar” it’s about a roadside romeo poet who wants to confess his love but is too timid and shy to actually face her, so he writes his frustration in his poetry. 

Ghuman has a knack of stringing stories together in a poetic way with his vocal twitches & emotive singing. He raises the energy with his own signature musical arrangements with folk and modern instrumentation that’s a reminder of how electric of an artist he can be. This captivating and indifferent music style keeps things interesting the whole ride. His frank delivery stands out as an honest representation of his thoughts. His songs morph into a visual representation of his imagination and storytelling. 

“Mushaira” is a way for Ghuman to express himself through music. Looking inward and getting personal from his own experiences. The EP consists of two bonus tracks, “Intro” & “Outro” tracks. He’s certainly found ways to separate his tracks from other artists with his vivid poetic lyricism and colorful musical additions. He’s made efforts to diversify his sound. Roop Ghuman sounds calm and knows what he’s doing with his skills and visions.

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