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How to dress Indie?

The whole idea about dressing up Indie is to be one of a kind, unique, to stand out as much as possible one can possibly do and not fall for the mainstream fashion. You’ve got to make fashion your own.
Own your style, own your look, be confident, put a statement out with just your fashion, and let your indie choices speak for themselves.

1.  Boys
Photo courtesy: Aadarsh Parmar

For mainly indie men and boys you would rather go for tight skinny jeans, rugged T-shirts, something that gives a vintage raw look, you could throw on a leather jacket, even cardigans like Kurt Cobain used to. Use a lot of colors, let the colors be a self-statement, you don’t have to be afraid of trying out new ones.

For shoes, you could go for converse, boots, vans, anything that kinda gives you that old-school vintage-ey look.
You could be your own designer if you want.

2.  Girls

For girls, it’s more fun since there’s a lot of flexibility with what you could wear.
There are always skinny tight jeans that go well on almost anything, you could add that up with a denim jacket and a crop top or a rugged t-shirt or maybe a tennis skirt, a tee, and a leather jacket just like Avril Lavigne would do, and if you feel like going old school you could throw in some baggy T-shirts in the mix.
Oversized or baggy jeans do add to your aesthetics as well, even cargo.
Pair them up with converse, boots, ballet flats, and gladiator sandals, they do all look just fine.

Try mixing and matching a lot of these styles and make them your own. The aim of doing this is to try and bring out your own personality and style.
You could DIY a lot of your outfits, and maybe even find an independent designer for you.

When it comes to Indie aesthetics you could always go for any of these looks.
So have fun dressing up Indie!

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