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How to use music analytics to help you grow?

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As a musician, your analytics pretty much sums up your career. Zoom out of your analytics and see if the graph moves up and or if you’ve witnessed a drastic fall, You probably had your “A Night’s Fame” and the world has moved on, What should you do now. Let’s discuss these analytics in detail.

1. Algorithm

You upload a song after which it’s the algorithm’s job to spread it to the right listener, Now this depends on a few factors, how your last song did, and your overall engagement,(Basically your followers), That’s why make sure you let the algorithm know the song’s genre, and try to fill in the metadata correctly So that you find the right audience.

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2. Artwork

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This is something that easily goes out of hand, but make sure your artwork screams attention. In youtube, you can track this from the CTR column and compare it with the standards for that particular genre.

3. Retention

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You can easily lure in listeners through great artwork, but admit it if they skip in 10 seconds your month’s hard work was judged in the first 10 seconds. So make sure you follow Audience Retention time clearly and analyze at what part the listener’s started to fade away.

4. Compare

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Platforms like the social blade and Spotify’s in-house comparison feature help you to compare your analytics with anyone in the world. Utilize these features and try to understand the reason behind the differences.

5. Keywords and SEO

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The algorithm cannot listen to a song or your video, So it needs data, which it can index and sort accordingly. Use proper tags and be creative with them, Make sure you write SEO-optimized descriptions, But don’t mislead your audience. Use keywords that are common and trending but don’t make them spammy.

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