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“Raat” by Shrinidhi is a song which will settle the chaos eating you up and bring you to peace.

We did an interview with the artist over a cup of coffee about this latest release, here’s what they had to say!

Tell us about your track

RAAT is about the night, specially the time right after the chaos, to calm yourselves down. I wrote this song during lockdown when there was unsettling calmness as we were all waiting for the city to work like before. This song tells about the TIME which is passing fast and how we were stuck in the calmness.

Tell us your inspiration behind this track

Calmness in the night

How long did it take to record the track album EP ?

It took us two years to write and produce the whole album.

What is the meaning behind the lyrics?

There is something about the night, right after the chaos. We are becoming used to the silence. Time tends to move fast but we are stuck in the silence. We tend to share our sorrows with each other , counting all the stars above. This time of the night is the time we really talk about the real stuff, during the silence. The wind which flows, don’t know where it goes, someone might be calling it. In the same way the Silence called me as it had lot of complaints for me because i was always stuck in my chaotic mind. There is a kind of Peace in Silence.

What brings next after this release?

I have my 3rd single WILDFLOWER which will be releasing in December. Its a part of my upcoming album UNTIL NOW.

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