Rubina Robinson’s latest “Stay With Me” shines bright with elastic flows & ultra-groovy rhythms, an ode to making it in the music industry.

Making music that’s slathered in emotions & sweetness, Rubina Robinson has a gift of processing her thoughts artistically through her songs. Her ability to write and sing elastic flows combined with the melodious twists & turns make her an upcoming pop sensation. Rubina’s ultra-groovy music style has a touch of R&B & pop with a hint of jazz, a unique sound in itself when put together. The subtle & mellow melodies feel like warm sunlight falling over your face. A pleasant brightness reflects through her songs with pop thrills.

Her latest prized single “Stay With Me” is an emotional box decorated with different music elements. The song begins with a velvety organ layered with Rubina’s elegant voice and opens up into a bright musical space with a groovy and punchy bass line and  tight drums laying the foundation for the rest of the song. The Lyrics that speak about everything that Rubina’s yearning for & going through as an artist. 

Rubina flaunts her sense of narrative through her music. With musical templates that suit her state of mind she certainly finds a way of making music that filled with hope & spirituality. As she spoke about the song she said, “This song is about how difficult it is to make it as a musician with nobody to support you. ‘Stay With me’ is an expression of yearning put into a song, to say that sometimes all that you need is the people you love to stand by you”. The song is an ode to a musician’s struggle of making it top. She adds, “From having to go through the challenges in the industry to being discouraged constantly, staying motivated was not easy. ‘A pat on the back and a few nice words..’ Sometimes it’s all that you need”.

“Stay With Me” shines bright & verve’s within her thoughts that she daily thinks about. The waters of pop & R&B flow over which Rubina sails calmly making her musical journey. Her ability to write and sing elastic flows combined with the melodious twists and turns, makes her an upcoming pop sensation. Rubina fits into an image of a woman who trusts her musical ability & is brave enough to keep going.

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