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Saaz’s track “Khoya” is your hope of finding your way out of the mess life’s decided to put you in.

Tell us about your track

”Overcoming the darkness of oneself, ‘ KHOYA’ talks about the journey of one being lost and finding the way out from a ray of hope in the darkness. ”

Tell us your inspiration behind this track

ABOUT THE SONG ‘KHOYA’ talks about the feeling of Getting Lost. Lost in the dark where there is no way and hope. This song is a monologue narrated by that lost soul who is not able to find the direction where to move ahead. We all are pretty sure that everyone has gone through such a phase. So he starts requesting Energy in which he has faith. And then suddenly he finds the ray of hope which will guide him. Do you ever felt lost in your life, where there is no way? Do you ever found yourself helpless, where there is no hope? I know we all have gone through such situations once in our life. And he also went through the same phase where everything seems dark & there is no way to get out of it. It seems like getting lost in a dark room where there is no single particle of light and you can’t see anything where to go ahead because there is no end point of it. Feeling so helpless & hopeless don’t know what to do next to get out of such a situation. But then, one thing happened. We all have faith and believe in that one thing whom we trust so much. Either it is in a person in, Energy, in God, in Nature or it can be Anything. In which we believe and we share with them everything that’s inside you without any hesitation. Because we know that person or soul won’t gonna judge us and we just let all our’s feelings and emotion out. Regarding that situation. He wrote KHOYA hope you guys like it… I hope this song helps you to get out of those dark days of your life.

Stream KHOYA UNPLUGGED / ACOUSTIC VERSION by Saaz Unplugged | Listen online  for free on SoundCloud

How long did it take to record the track album EP ?


What is the meaning behind the lyrics?

Lyrics are straight forwards but has an open end for the listeners so that they wont blown by the writters ideology and can fit themselves according to their own scenarios and situation. and

What brings next after this release?

Unplugged version of KHOYA . which kind pure and has raw and totally unadultrated vibe

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