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Savneet Singh’s songs are a relief to your mental stress, The melody and his melancholy soothes your heart.

Savneet Singh is no stranger in making notably good music. His transcriptions give life to emotions, to sensations, filling it with ardour. With compositions that are heart warming, touching sensitive themes, Savneet plugs into the hearts of his listeners, grabbing them by their souls. The textures in his arrangement build the feeling of love, warmth and fervour. Built from slow-moving melodies, contemplative lyrical writings, he builds on his style that draws wilderness & calmness together.

“Sun Toh Na” is another entry to such list of songs where Savneet is so superior at. “Sun Toh Na empathises and attempts to give voice to those who feel unheard by those they love. The song is written from the perspective of a girl, who’s in a phase of a relationship, wherein she feels emotionally distant from the person she loves. She feels unheard and she just wants that person to just listen to her and understand her – her feelings, her emotions and her pain of emotional despair”. says Savneet.

“Sun Toh Na”, begins with a piano hook that plays, followed by Savneet singing “Raaton me mere, mere khwab sunto na….” and the emotional rollercoaster ride in a sweet landscape begins. Savneet’s music is an ode to the feeling of wanting to be heard and the memory of being with your beloved. The song then eventually opens up with the bass pouncing in, angelic vocal harmonies and the drums elevating the emotions even higher. The overall music conjures the feeling of being loved and perceived. “Sun Toh Na” is constantly in motion with a glacial pace, yet it never feels quiet for some reason, which certainly is something to be adored. Savneet does well in balancing out emotions with his music. There’s a sense of serene, peaceful moments, a yearning for nostalgia.

Little Savneet winning hearts. 😉

“While composing the composition, It just reminded me of a friend who was going through some toxic relationship at that time and it just hit me, how hard it must be for her to go through such phase. So, I started writing this song , from the perspective of a Girl, who feels emotionally distant from the person she loves in a relationship. All she wants is something as basic as the need to be listened to. All she asks for in return is his time and thus, empathising those emotions and feelings, I wrote this song.”, says Savneet. “The whole idea behind writing “Sun Toh Na” was to simply request and appeal the person we love, to just listen to us. It’s written by a person who’s in a emotional state where he/she feels distanced by the person he/she loves”, he adds.

The process of recording took around 10 months, which surely was worth the long hours and days he’s put in, it clearly shows in his work. And now he’s started working on his fourth original. He’s planned some collaborations and different versions of his existing songs. Plenty of good quality music, gliding in soon. Savneet is one musician who’s musical moments feel nearly suspended in a motion of nostalgic love, tapping in your mind and heart, emulating the feelings of wanting to be loved, bathing in calm ocean of emotions.


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