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St. Levi’s track “Still Young” is a song about embracing the challenges life throws at us daily and a reminder we’re all young, so live it.

Tell us about your track

Still Young is a song I made all by myself, production, lyrics, recordings, guitars, mixing and mastering. It talk about growth, the challenges in our 20s, finding ourselves and how much inner pain is being so well hidden nowadays.

Tell us your inspiration behind this track

The inspiration came from real life challenges I’m dealing with, thing I’m seeing constantly on social media, conversations I’ve had with people that made me realize that we’re all dealing with difficulties but we all prefer hiding them and “get drunk” under the excuse of our youth.

How long did it take to record the track \album \EP ?

It took a 2 hour session to write, I then kinda put the song on the side and worked on other music, then I moved to a new house with a new studio and I really wanted to also make a new song and probably that day I looked for ideas and songs to produce and I came across the voice memo of Still Young, the muse hit me and had the big part of the production already there that day.

What is the meaning behind the lyrics?

The lyrics are really critic and cynical in a lot of ways, I say on the second verse “I’m in a phase where I’m not okay but I’m so good at pretending I can smile when I don’t feel like smiling Feelings inside that I’m currently hiding”, it’s very personal too, but also very relatable nowadays, where all of us are living in this world that makes us doubt and question ourselves but we’re still have to play it out like everything is amazing, so the song is about the contrast we’re having inside of us.

What brings next after this release?

A LOT! A lot of collaborations, a lot of solo music, I basically release a song at least every month and I’m not planning on slowing down.

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