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These Indie artists are creating quite a buzz around the states.

1. Lauren Isenberg.

Instagram – renforshort

She’s a Canadian pop artist professionally know as Renforshort. A singer songwriter who recently started making music with her debut release in 2019, with singles “Waves” and “Mind Games”. Encompassing a multitude of different sounds creating her own identity as an artist, she’s taken inspiration from musicians as Bob Dylan and Amy Winehouse.
Her writing is significantly more stronger as her music is as well, occasionally finding herself in creative counterpoise.
In 2021 Ren released an EP titled Off Saint Dominique, through Interscope Records which met with positive reviews from critics of NME.
As of January 2022 the EP has surpassed 15 million streams on Spotify, which exhibits her growth as an artist.

2.  Ryman Wooten.
Instagram – Ryman Wooten

Ryman is a singer songwriter from Nashville, Tennessee. With music that’s fresh, glossy, firmly woven with quality lyrics. The production of his songs are stronger detailing every small noticeable changes you would come across.
Streamlining a very modern pop sound, his lyrics revolve around young love, desire and something that easily resonates with the youth.

3.  Brielle Von Hugel.
Instagram – Brielle Von Hugel

A Pop/Soul singer songwriter from NYC. She’s been one of the contestant on season 10 and 11 of American Idol. With music that’s sharp and ever growing as one one would like, she’s been advancing in her journey. Very well knowing for her debut EP, Turns To Gold, and it’s lead single “After The Heartbreak”.
A very vibrant personality that resonates with her music, beaming with confidence.
Along with releasing music she also maintains a YouTube channel, where she often posts her own covers of famous songs.

4.  Amanda and Teddy.
Instagram – Amanda and Teddy

Amanda and Teddy is a very distinctive duo, often backed by an troupe of musicians. With music that blends genres such as soul, rock and folk creating their own sound.
Amanda being a pianist, writer, performer and Teddy a composer, a sound engineer together make an interesting duo to look out for. Enthralling the audience with their performances. Their debut release “One More Fight” was released in 2020, which was home-recorded. Navigating through emotions such as energy, passion through their songs, they’re a compelling musicians to look out for.

5.  Taylor Tote.
Instagram – Taylor Tote

An award winning singer songwriter, Taylor Tote is an artist from New Jersey.
The 27-year old Jersey Shore native, now residing in NYC, was named by NJ.com as one of the “25 must-hear local bands” for her “big voice, old soul’ style. With a dominating, empowering and strong persona her music mirrors her personality.
Her latest release being “I Like You But” highlights her progress as an artist.

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