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The latest single from Skace is a vision of admiration for nature’s beauty.

Pushing yourself into an esoteric nature loving realm as an artist is both interesting and mesmerizing and Skace has just gone on to do that. An evoking music style embracing the belle of nature’s beauty is offered in his latest release “Nilgiris”. A different vision oscillating in between the spellbinding nature’s presence.

Nilgiris’ is outlined with soothing rhythms of synth waves and organs layered over each other. Glossy electric guitars that shape a pretty emotion, resembling a peaceful touch of nature’s hands, while a quiet yet present underwater submerged like drums cascade the song even further into a detailed arrangement. Skace’s ambient vocals glitters over like the full moon over a lake. All of these dazzling together in a musical geometry marking an inexorable flow.

Talking about the song Skace says, “The idea for this track came up during my visit to Ooty, for there had to be a song as beautiful and tranquil as the place.” He adds, “This track is about the beauty of Nilgiris, one of the most breathtaking mountain ranges you will find in India”.

Skace has managed to conjure some imagery through his lyrics as he says “Fragile beauty, nature’s fury…I give it all to keep a piece for myself”. Talking about the lyrics Skace adds, “ The lyrics narrate a journey away from our concrete jungle where the asphalt sprawls, to go where the land towers the plains, shrouded by mist and clouds, where the cold breeze is dwarfed by the woodfire, where the tall trees cover the landscape, on a cabin off the grid to live one with the sounds and sights of nature..” and the more you listen and connect the better the picture is painted. Skace has managed to create something that is intimate and shimmering of admiration for something that he truly loves.

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