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The supergroup dived into an ambitious rock project, with the vision of uniting people with their music

The World’s 1st India – Pakistan – USA-based Rock Band Brothers In Arms has come up with their debut release, a power-packed rock anthem, “Khuda Kay Bande”. The track pierces through the mirage of war, sending a strong message, that states, “In War humanity suffers and nobody wins”.

“Khuda Kay Bande” is a high-wire act, an anthem to stand against war, with pounding drums and very ecstatic guitar riffs that are playing throughout the song. The song begins with Khurram’s six-string that piles up the levels which are compounded by Greg with his heavy drumming along. The song starts like a lightning strike with the pair setting the tone from the get-go. While singer, Prateek Bhaduri, leaps into his upper register, lifted by heavily distorted guitars.

The verses of the song are completely heavy, massive, and filled with dynamism, it gradually powers down towards the chorus, which gives it a good texture overall. As the song progresses you see Prateek, build his voice, as he explodes into the verses, accompanied by his colleagues, Greg and Khurram setting their hearts out over their instruments respectively. The song then dives into a solo which when you listen to would remind you of the early “Slash” days, very immersive, like playing a series of snapshots
The band is dialing into the 90s, to get back the emotions, a kind of revivalism of the hard guitar-driven heavy music from the era. One would have to say, “Khuda Kay Bande”, is a pulse-raising song. The band has architectured the song very well, which resonates with the message of uniting the people through music. “Khuda kay bandey sahenge gunnah ye kab tak, Khuda kay bandey kyun kehte hain unko Qafir”, these earnest lines, do make a lasting impact.

Brothers In Arms is a supergroup comprising 3 Award Winning Musicians namely Indian Singer – Songwriter Prateek Bhaduri on Vocals, Hollywood Composer and Rock Drummer Greg Ellis, and Multi-Award Winning Pakistani Guitarist -Producer Khurram Waqar

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