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TXT’s Workers Earns Reward For How They Forestall The Members From Getting Damage

Within the MESS teaser photographs for his or her minisode 2: Thursday’s Youngster album, TXT turned heads with their mature visuals. Because of eagle-eyed followers, their employees gained consideration as nicely for the intelligent means they hold the members snug and protected throughout picture shoots.

TXT | BigHit Music/HYBE

Taking a more in-depth have a look at the group’s teaser photographs, Twitter person @Choi_Hansie identified all of the small particulars the place the employees hid objects to make the picture shoot simpler for the members. Beneath Taehyun‘s head, they put a pillow for him to relaxation on, cleverly blended in with the rubbish baggage.

Taehyun | @Choi_Hansie/Twitter

To ensure Hueningkai was snug and didn’t have any objects poking into his again, the employees put a blanket beneath him and a cushion beneath his legs.

Hueningkai | @Choi_Hansie/Twitter

Utilizing the identical technique as they did for Taehyun, Soobin‘s head was good and comfy from the pillow it rested on.

Soobin | @Choi_Hansie/Twitter

Their employees additionally did the identical for Beomgyu however famous a slight distinction. As a substitute of utilizing a pillow, it appeared that the employees positioned a blanket inside the helmet.

Boemgyu | @Choi_Hansie/Twitter

Not solely did Yeonjun relaxation on the identical cushion as Hueningkai, however the employees positioned the pillow by his left facet for him to lean on and stored the blanket on his different facet.

Yeonjun | @Choi_Hansie/Twitter

For the reason that boys might’ve simply turn into injured from objects poking them or soreness from the lengthy size of time, followers had been blissful to see how nicely the employees cared for them by preserving them snug and protected.

| @TXT_members/Twitter

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